White Paper Phase I

In the framework of the Global Program “Partnering with Denmark”, the General Directorate of Vocational Training – Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam and the Ministry of Education of Denmark have implemented the Strategic Sector Cooperation Project on Health in Vietnam Phase 1, from January 2017 to March 2019. The main objective of the project is to develop Local Occupational Skill Councils (LOSCs) on Furniture and Graphic Design at the four colleges under the Project. This is an effort to promote the cooperation between enterprises and the colleges and enables the work-based learning model in vocational training. Representatives from enterprises, the vocational training colleges, relevant authorities and other concerned stakeholders are members of the LOSCs of which the tasks include identify the required occupational skills of enterprises, developing and implementing the pilot program of technical vocational training with the clear objectives for the training sessions in colleges and in enterprises. The LOSCs have been acknowledged with its effectiveness in promoting the cooperation between the technical vocational training colleges and enterprises. The students trained in the pilot program achieved better study results. According to the Vocational Training College of Hochiminh City, all 16 students in the Project pilot class of Graphic Design have jobs after graduation; some were employed by the enterprises in the LOSCs. The Project also provided capacity training for teachers and managers at the colleges, and for training officers at the enterprises. In addition, it developed working methodology and tools for the LOSCs.

One of the important results of the Project is the White Paper which includes the results and lessons learnt from the Project and relevant other projects on vocational training in Vietnam. It provides a set of recommendations, strategies, measures and solutions that can contribute to developing a more responsive and demand orientated technical vocational training system and to replicate the Project results at national and local levels.

White Paper Phase I: