Aus4kills project

Overall introduction of Aus4skills program-Component “Promoting Industry Linkages with VET”.

1. Some primary information

The Aus4Skills Program is the abbreviation of the Australian with Vietnam project on human resource development, this is an Australian Government-led project to assist Vietnam in approaching and utilsing qualified and skilled human resources, in order to meet the demand of the labour market and contribute to the sustainable socio-economic development of Vietnam.

The Aus4skills Program consists of 5 components: (1) Promoting Industry Linkages with VET (2) Improving quality of Northern mountainous Universities (3) Advancing Women in leadership (4) Supporting Australia’s Aid Investment Plan (5) Supporting Australia’s Broader Interests

Time frame: 05 years, starting from 01/02/2016, in which the component “Promoting Industry Linkages with VET” began since 4/2017.

The component “Promoting Industry Linkages with VET” (hereafter refer as Aus4Skills program)‘s main objective is to: “Support Vietnam in promoting the engagement of industry in the field of vocational education and training. Main activities of the Program are as follows:

– Establishing and piloting a coordination mechanism between industry and vocational education based on the model of Australia’s Transport and Logistics Advisory Committee;

– Piloting the implementation of training programs for up to 05 sets of occupational standards for the logistics industry: warehouse operator, warehouse supervisor, logistics administrator, freight forwarder and materials handling operator;

– Enhancing strategic planning skill, competency-based training and logistics professional knowledge for VET providers.

– Strengthening linkages with Australia by supporting VET institutions’ cooperation with Australia’s RTOs and logistics training network;

– Supporting the replication of industry-led model  to other sectors besides logistics;

2. The participation of stakeholders

The Aus4Skills Program;

– Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (DVET);

– Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Ho Chi Minh Branch);

– Vietnam Logistics Business Association, other enterprises;

– 06 vocational education institutions in Vietnam, including: Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics; Thu Duc College of Technology; Ho Chi Minh Vocational College of Technology; Vien Dong College; Vocational College of Machinery and Irrigation; Nguyen Huu Canh Technical College

3. Some of the Aus4Skills program’s progress and results from 4/2017 – now

Since the official cooperation with DVET from 4/2017 till now, the Aus4skills program has strictly complied and implemented the activities according to the plan proposed with other units with primary results as follows:

– Pilot and establish the Logistics Industry Reference Council (LIRC) under Aus4Skills, operating as an Industry Skills Board;

– Support in enhancing training capacity of VET colleges and Aus4Skills VET stakeholders through pilot training activities; teachers and managers’ capacity advancing courses in Vietnam and Australia; workshops, forums, surveys relating to logistics human resources training and other activities of the LIRC

– Organise the study tours and site vists on industry-led VET model in Australia and Vietnam

– Propose issues related to linkage between industry and VET providers.

– Support technical experts in developing learning outcomes for the Logistics Administration and Materials Handling operation at intermediate and college levels

– Raise awareness on gender equality, opportunities to learn through activities engaging women, disadvantaged groups.

– Contribute to the balance between Vietnamese Public and Private institutions in approaching the resources from different programs and projects.

The practical results of the Program’s activities have demonstrated Aus4Skills’ contribution to promote the 3-party coordination mechanism: Government – Schools – Industry through cooperation activities between DVET and Aus4Skills, VET providers with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), associations, domestic and foreign businesses in the development and training of logistics.

The above-mentioned result demonstrates the effective cooperation in vocational education between Vietnam and Australia, highlighting the fruitful collaboration between DVET and Aus4Skills through the activities implemented by the working group.